Monday, November 15, 2010

My baby is 6!

Yesterday we took the boys to the Regnskov (Rainforest Zoo) as both a reward for their sticker chart and to have a birthday family outing for Riis' 6th. Today, we had Riis' best friend Toke over for dinner for Riis' 6th Birthday. It's our third year in row celebrating Riis' birthday with Toke so we were incredibly happy he could come. He didn't want to go home, they were having so much fun!
We'll have a big party on Friday with all of Riis' friends from school as well, but for tonight it was really nice to have Toke.

My two cuties.
Zen master

Riis turned six years old at 12:36am this morning and I just cannot believe it's been six years since that day. Every year I tell him the story of the day he was born, which he loves. This year he said "Why didn't you name me Hawk? I think that would have been a good name." I asked him "Don't you like the name Riis?" He replied "No." :) Great. We only got 6 good years with that name. Ha!

My six favorite things about Riis are:
1. The things that he says and how he says them. He is hilarious!
2. He's very thoughtful and kind.
3. He's got an amazing imagination and is always up for an adventure.
4. He dances like no other. He's got such a dramatic flare.
5. He's not afraid. He's willing to try new things (with the exception of food) and he puts his complete effort into things. We've seen this especially with his language (moving to Denmark and learning Danish quickly) and with how friendly he is.
6. Seriously, he's my baby and I love him so much. I LOVE everything about him. I look at him and my heart fills with love. Six years ago he was the most beautiful, amazing little thing I'd ever seen. I feel the same way today that I felt the moment I first saw him. PURE LOVE. PURE JOY. PURE BLISS. Of course we have our challenges, but the good outweighs those things every second of every day. All I can say is thank you! I'm so thankful that he's my son.


Here is the video of us singing to Riis on his actual birthday.
Btw, if anyone is interested in knowing the Danish birthday song lyrics:

    I dag er det ..........'s fødelsedag
    Hurra, hurra, hurra!
    Han *) sikkert sig en gave får,
    som han ønsket sig i år,
    og dejlig chokolade med kager til.

P.S. Here's the letter I'm writing to Riis for him to read in 15 years:

"Dear Hawk,

When you were 6 you asked me to change your name because you didn't like your birth name, Riis. I hope you're happy with your decision. We really liked the name Riis. Oh, you're also to blame for changing your brother's name to Eagle. It just seemed more fitting once yours was changed.