Monday, September 20, 2010

ISAa 2010-2011 - Reception & Grade 1

So, Riis is really enjoying school at ISAa, the International School of Aarhus. He is in a Kindergarten (also called Reception) & Grade 1 class. He's got kids from all over the world in his class. His teacher, Mrs. Kristensen is from Ireland and his teacher's aid is from the UK.

Places where his classmates come from:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A few things about Beck these days.

1. You know you've been away from the US a while when your child starts speaking with an accent...but you'd assume it would be a Danish accent (whatever that would be) since we live in Denmark. Nope. Beck has started this Italian accent. He says things like "Mummy, like-a-dis." or "Mummy, like-a-dat."

2. He's going through the Terrible Threes as well - high drama. We went for dinner at a friend's house this weekend and he had to poop and insisted that I come with him, so I took him into the bathroom and as soon as we went in he immediately yelled "I NEED SPACE!" (a daily occurrence) I told him that I wanted to stay with him because we were at someone else's house and he said "MUMMY! Close you eyes!" He then told me to take off his clothes. Okay. Then I was forced to leave. DRAMA! So I leave and take his clothes while he poops naked on the toilet at someone else's house. :) As soon as I closed the door he yelled "I'm DONE!" I went in, helped him off and flushed the toilet and he yelled at me "MUMMY! I flush dat toilet!" He tried, but the toilet wouldn't fill enough to get a full flush so he told me "MUMMY! We come back here another day and I flush dat toilet!" (GOODNESS!)

3. Beck fell asleep during books tonight and when I went to bring him to his bed he let out a huge fart and smiled...asleep. Hmm...

4. Beck is finally speaking Danish more often. He's understood a lot of Danish for quite some time, but has mainly been speaking English. He likes to stop people (whether he knows them or not) and ask "Hvad laver du?" ("What are you doing?")

5. This is an add on that I forgot to mention. Beck has the cutest way of saying certain words like "gone" and "not". He says "gaww-ne" and "naww-t". For example, I'll ask "Beck was that you who tooted?" and he'll reply "Nawwt me, Mummy. Was Riis." That is also an example of him not telling truth. :) And when he says "Gaww-ne." he sounds just like The Donald. "You're fired." "Gaww-ne."
Needless to say, we have been having some challenging times with Beck, but a lot of laughs as well. He has such a great sense of humor and is a very sweet and loving little boy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is Riis as a baby...hehe. Just kidding.

It was Parent/Teacher night last night at ISAA and Riis' teacher told us that the she doesn't hang all of the artwork up that the kids do because there's a lot. For example, she said that the kids were cutting out pictures of their favorite food and "one kid" told her that his favorite food was beer so she didn't hang that one up. :) I burst out laughing because I knew it was Riis...sure enough it was. He LOVES to tell me that he loves beer, but I assure you, he doesn't. :) I almost forgot to mention that I then asked his teacher if it would be okay if I brought in beer for all of the kids for Riis' birthday since it's his favorite. We had a good laugh!

This story then reminded me of when we were last at the Danish Office of Immigration dealing with renewing our Visas. The woman working on our paperwork was being a real pill to begin with and when she looked at Riis' passport and asked him to tell her his name he said "My name is Toke" in Danish about 4 times. Um...hello? Dag and I were thinking "Riis you're getting us in trouble here!!" Goodness! He finally told her his real name.

Monday, September 6, 2010

THE finger! }:|

Riis stuck up his pinky finger the other day when he was mad at Beck and said "Beck, do you know what this is? It's a fooking finger!" I said "Excuse me? What did you say?" He said sheepishly "Fooking finger?" I told him that he is not allowed to say that word OR to stick up his finger at people when he's mad and I told him why. But I had to leave the room to compose myself afterward because he had been furiously shaking that pinky finger!

And just now he was upstairs telling me "bad words" in Spanish which sounded like gibberish. They definitely were not swears or words for that matter. :) Ha! One of the side-effects of going to an International School, grades K-12. :)


Riis just started at the International School here in Århus and has a few kids from India in his class that he's very interested in. (I think this is because Dag has visited India for work.) So we went down to the music festival in the city on Saturday evening and a girl got on the bus with her friend and here is how our conversation went:

Riis, quite loudly: "Mummy, she's really little! And I think she's from India."
(She was very short and looked of Indian descent.)
My quiet reply to him: "She is short, isn't she? And she does look like she may be of Indian descent, but she could be Danish."
(I then proceeded to explain this to him.)
Riis: "Maybe she's only 6 and that's why she's so small. Do you think she eats a lot of brown food and that's why her skin is brown?" :)
Me: "Actually, I think that she is an adult and I think she was born that pretty color. Do you think her skin is a pretty color?"
Riis, smiling: "Uh-huh."

Never a dull moment...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beck's mug shots - børnehaven pictures 2010

They took school photos last week at Beck's børnehaven and I told him the he should smile. This is what we came out with! He's so darn cute! :) Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We have been watching Ava, our friends' daughter while they are at the hospital having their second baby, and I couldn't resist making her a dress while she is here. So cute!

Riis starts school!

Riis started school on August 11 at the International School here in Århus. He loves it and is meeting lots of cool kids from all over the world.

Riis on his first day, outside his classroom

Dancing to Madonna in his underwear - HA!

He was so happy to get Baci and Papa's big box of goodies - thanks!