Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beck learns to ride his bike!

Beck officially learned to ride his bike today! He is 3 years and 3 months old! Good job, Beck! Lots of practice on the balancing bike was very helpful. It took him 2 minutes to learn to ride the pedal bike today. :)


Riis' last day at his børnehaven

Riis had his last day at his børnehaven on Friday and we had a little celebration for him. His teachers gave him a box of photos of all the kids and his school book that has photos of his 2 years there.

Riis with Ulrich and Else, his two main teachers

Monday, July 12, 2010

Strike a pose

I just couldn't help myself! I had to make a dress for ME!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Børnehaven Sommerfest 2010

The kids' summer party at their school in June:

Our extended Danish family :)
Riis' cubby
Kasper and Riis
Riis and his friends - Phillip, Kasper and Toke
Riis and Beck's teacher, Ulrich and Jacob and Atle
All the graduates singing the ABC song

The 3 year olds road these scooters around the crates to the song "Born to be Wild"

Riis getting his diploma :)

Skt. Hans Aften - Midsummer's Eve 2010

Once again we went down to Kragelundsparken to the summer bonfires on Skt. Hans Aften. Check out the video I took of the event at the bottom of this post. Everyone sings a few songs around the bonfire - what a beautiful night! Really...even with the burning witch. :)

It was still completely light out when I biked the kids home at 10:30 that night. They didn't end up getting into bed until 11! Late one for them, but totally worth it!
This was at around 10pm - the kids were whacky!
their second mom, Katrine, flipping them
Pretty Sophie
Toke - the Tolken child

Katrine and Beck
She's a witch! BUUURNNN HER!
The real burning witch on the bonfire

If anyone is ever looking for my children at an event, look in front of the stage. :)
Beck and Riis - mesmerized by the high school band
Asbjorn and Riis - old buddies
Ryan, Asbjorn, Riis and Beck


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Canary Islands, Fuerteventura

We went to Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands at the beginning of June with our friends Peter, Gretha, Oscar and Magnus. There's a family sports resort there called Playitas. We rented a beautiful villa with our OWN pool (Sweet!) and had lots of quality family time, gorgeous weather to start our summer tans and great friends to celebrate our holiday with. Gretha and I did fun things like tennis, Aqua aerobics and Kara-T-Robics (cardio kickboxing) classes and wine drinking while our hubbies did EXTREME things like a 100 mile bike ride one day up and down mountains (they were going about 35-38 miles/hr downhill at times) and one night they ran in the mountains starting at 11pm - Dag ran until 4:30am and Peter until 7:30am! I mean, seriously? Vacation, guys. We also took the kids on a catamaran one afternoon. So fun!

We had a lot of photos, so I posted them on our Shutterfly page so you can just cycle through. Those are at the bottom. If you'd like to see them larger, you can click on the link under the Shutterfly slideshow.

Here are some selects:
The group, minus me at SNAKE night
Riis and Beck
Beck, Fuerteventura June 2010
The boys: Magnus, Beck, Oscar and Riis
Peter and the boys
one view from our villa
The pool at our villa
Dag and Peter - BEER!