Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Magnificent Beast

My kids are on Easter holiday this week so we've been looking for things to do. Today we went outside to ride bikes and run around on the grass across from our townhouse. Then after lunch they decided to have Dance Party DK again.

As a side note, we bought a new Canon camera, a.k.a. "The Magnificent Beast", at Christmas (Dag and my gift to each other) so I've been trying to practice my photography skills by capturing some of the finer moments with the kids. A bonus - they have been making me laugh all day! Things that I've learned: It is very difficult to get a good photo of kids that A. Won't stop dancing for one second. B. Refuse to look at the camera when asked...ever. Good times, blurry photos and lots of shots of the the backs of heads. :)

Riis in a rare moment - I asked him to strike a pose
Warrior Beck
Beck just LOVES making this face!
Beck striking a pose
Riis - strike a pose
Riis, being such a helpful big brother
These are the BEST moments!

WHAT a face!
Happy Beck
Where the Wild Things are

Riis and Toke

Riis' best friend here in Denmark is named Toke. He is such a cool kid and he and Riis have a very unique relationship. We feel so fortunate that we moved to Denmark and Riis was placed in our 3rd choice børnehaven (kindergarten) because that is where the two met. He is such a good boy and a really amazing friend for Riis.
Toke, making his Viking warrior face he makes for almost every picture :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 2010 - Moesgård Strand

Riis, 5 1/2 years old
Beck, almost 3 years old

Friday, March 26, 2010

Danish sweat shop

I've been taking a stab at making dresses. I have some family and friends with little girls and have a new pattern, so I thought I'd try it. (who am I kidding? It's probably based solely on a deep desire to have a girl because the clothes are adorable! ha!) Here are my first two dresses. I definitely had some problem areas, but overall it was a good start.
This is one of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics. I was so happy that I had enough left to make this little dress!

My new dress model. Beck was at school so I had to find a replacement. :)

This one has a little front pocket and a doll that I made to go inside.

Don't look too closely at my sewing machine stinks. This was more for a close up of the doll. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My little dress model!

I'm making my first dress and I needed someone to measure the length on. Who better than Beck? Little dude looks like a boy in a dress. I see no girl in him... :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WTF - Why The Face?

It seems that puking has become a part of our weekly routine in the Hinrichs household of Denmark. Poor Riis is sick again with the stomach bug. He's been hurling since Saturday night at 11:00 and had his last toilet bowl hugging at 6am this morning and he just ran to the bathroom yet again as I was typing this! (...after a bathroom break and a thorough hand washing, I'm back and Riis is back on the couch) The poor kid! This is his third stomach bug in a month and a half! I've disinfected my house so many times, my friend Erin would be proud! I'm constantly going around wiping door handles and light switches because I'm determined to stay healthy! I'm just grateful that this time he didn't puke on my head like the last time. :) AH! The things we become grateful for...

Anyway, I am thinking of renaming my blog: either "Toilet Hugger Family of DK - Represent!" OR "Perpetually Prayin' to the Porcelain God" OR "Puke, pukity, puke, puke, puke!"

As a side note, I made my first shirt! I'm so proud of myself. I only made one mistake that I had to undo (this is big!). Please excuse the blurry photo and the ghostly white skin. I almost blend into the white walls behind me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Laughing at dog poop...

First, let me start by saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to my beautiful, talented, sweet, generous and loving sister. I cannot believe you are 25! :)

Today was an interesting day. I woke up in a ROTTEN mood because I was up with Beck every hour during the night. He was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep and thought it would be best if he brought me along on his journey through the misery of waking up every hour, crying a piercing cry for a few minutes, needing to be tucked in again and then tossing and turning until he was finally comfortable. Needless to say, I love him and wanted him to be able to sleep, but I woke up this morning feeling quite irritable because of MY lack of sleep. (I really don't know how much I slept because every time I'd get him back to sleep, I'd climb into my bed and just when I had fallen back to sleep he'd wake up again.) With this in mind, please understand why this post may not make complete sense in spots. I feel cross-eyed at the moment and really need to go to bed.

The next crappy part of my day came when Dag went to ride his bike to work and came up from the garage saying that someone had stolen his two bikes that were locked up down there. My blood was boiling. That is a horrible feeling - to have someone steal from you. Riis and I went down to the garage to see for ourselves. He could tell that I was upset and gave me a big hug and said "Sorry, Mommy." I assured him that it wasn't his fault and that I just felt frustrated that someone would steal from us. When we got back to the house Riis sat down on the couch, obviously thinking about the whole situation. He said to me while tapping his index finger to his lips "I think we should find them and punch them in the face or something." Hmm...I do know that violence is NOT the answer, but how I did want to do just that! BAM!

The funnier parts of my day came this afternoon. Next to the kids' kindergarten is a bike path that is covered in dog poop (or "Shit", as they'd say here in Denmark - I'm adding a side note at the bottom and will talk more about this). Anyway, I think it's pretty lame that all these people let their dogs poop all over and don't pick it up. Well, someone took the liberty of putting little Danish flags in a whole lot of the dog poop on this bike path. I had to stop my bike to laugh and take it all in! Picture it, Denmark...I'm standing on a bike path laughing at dog shit. (I had to go back this morning (3/19) to take photos for y'all)

The Danish flag, proudly waving in the wind

The funniest moment of my day came at the swimming pool. There was a woman who had just come out of the shower and was at the locker just next to ours, naked. Her back side was to us. Beck had just taken off his boots and turned around to face this naked women, who he must have thought was me, and he started drumming on her BARE BUM! I burst out laughing and saying "Sorry! Sorry!" But, man, was it funny! She laughed too, so I didn't feel too bad - the highlight of my week! Heck, it may be the highlight of 2010 for me so far! I guess for Beck, a bum is a bum is a bum because this woman's body/bum looked NOTHING like mine. :) By the way, I could not post photos of this incident on the blog - can you imagine? The woman refused to sign a consent form. ;)

*Here's my side note: One of the funniest things for me in Denmark is when they tell me about Beck's potty training and they say "He made a shit today." I LOVE it!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kristen's baby shower

We had a baby shower for our good friend, Kristen, today at our house. Everyone was so sweet and each person brought a delicious treat to share. The food was so yummy! And I have to say, it was so nice to share the afternoon with such lovely friends celebrating Kristen and Baby Emily!

We can't wait to meet you, baby Emily! Congratulations to Kristen! We are all so very excited for you, Joe and Ryan!

Thanks also to Kristen who informed me that I'm going to have 2 more babies based on the wrinkles in my hand! 4 wrinkles = 4 babies! TWINS are in my future! TWIN GIRLS! I cannot wait! (Of course we're basing this on purely scientific methods here, people!) ;)

Left to right: Katie, Sarah, Leah, Tegshee, baby Emma, Becky, Claire, Kathryn & Kristen
Tegshee's super cute cake - thank you!!

Burp clothe & diaper carrier
Kristen's baby blanket I made for her - I think it's my favorite blanket I've made yet!

Friday, March 12, 2010

20th Anniversary of Dag's 21st Birthday!!

We had poker night at the Hinrichs house to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Dag's 21st Birthday! We figured what better way to celebrate than to have people over to win all of Dag's money! :) I think he liked this year's birthday better than last year - last year I made him a cake that said "OLD" when he turned 40 and I couldn't get my act in gear to throw him a big party. I'm so lame.

Um...Heather, you have something in your teeth. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Chickens Don't Clap

6am: Beck just came up to my bed and whispered with a smile "Chickens don't clap." Officially brainwashed.

EMBED-Arrested Development Chicken Dances - Watch more free videos

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hurling...the newest Olympic sport?

I finally bought the boys matching bedding (duvets and covers) and a new rug for their bedroom. I got it home, washed it all (3 hours per load of laundry in Denmark!), put it all together and showed the kids. They were so excited! They really loved everything. Then I put them to bed and while I was tucking Beck in on the bottom bunk, Riis (who was already asleep on the top bunk), proceeded to hurl all over his bed, me down below, Beck's whole comforter, the new rug and the floor. Once again I was home alone (Dag was in London) dealing with a puking child. And to make matters worse, poor Riis just had the stomach flu 2 weeks ago.

I helped Riis to the bathroom and the poor child puked over and over into the night. Sad. He ended up sleeping on a make-shift bed in the hall outside the bathroom, surrounded by towels and a bucket...just in case.

Hours later, everything was re-washed including: both comforter covers, Riis' pj's, my clothes, Riis' sheets, his pillow case, pillow, duvet, floor, rug, stuffed animals and a heap of washcloths.

I'd be cursing a blue streak if it all wasn't so painfully funny...and wine helps.