Sunday, January 31, 2010

Favel Califf Family!

We are going to miss you all - Erin, Danny, Paige, Blake and Jude! We have really enjoyed our time with you in Denmark and we wish you all happiness and success in Philadelphia! (I still am in disbelief that you aren't coming back - BOO!!)

What we'll miss most about you guys:

Game nights
American breakfast/lunch days
just hanging out
Erin and her funny things - especially Diet Dr. Pepper "This is worth 4 Dr. Peppers, people!"
Danny and his easy going, fun personality
Paige and her sweetness and open heart
Blake and all the funny things he says
Jude and that smile (and all his mischief while Erin was trying to pack- hehe)

We love you guys!! We wish you luck!

Working backwards

Okay, people. I'm working backwards here. My apologies, but the last thing I've had time to do is sit and blog these past two months. So here's the slow trickle of information about what we've been up to since Thanksgiving.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving with friends here in Denmark. The Happy family (don't you just love their name?) so graciously hosted at their house and although we had a great time, it was a sad final "Favel" to our good friends the Califfs: Erin, Danny, Paige (6), Blake (4) and Jude (now 1). They are moving to Philly where Danny will play for the Philadelphia Union, the US professional soccer team. (GOOD LUCK DANNY!! We'll be cheering you on from good ol' DK! Erin, you're going to do great! We wish you guys success!)

Riis, Paige, Beck and Blake - November 2009

On November 28th we flew to Portland, Oregon. I was supposed to be at my friend Wendy's home birth, but that little baby decided that he wanted to come 9 days early! I missed the birth by 5 days. As for their little baby boy, he was healthy and happy to be comfy at home with Mom, Dad and big brother Caden. Little did he know that he wouldn't have an official name for some time to come. As of December 1, his name was "Kyler Canyon Friess" when they sent out his birth announcement to everyone that they know. His name has since changed several times and is now "Canyon Ever Friess" on his birth certificate, but they still seem unsure if this is right. :) Riis and Beck were calling the baby "Him" for a while, but have both decided that his name is "Ever"...well Beck insists that it is "Ever...again". The jury is still out.

Either way, he's sweet as can be and doesn't seem bothered in the least bit about all the name confusion. He's just happy that this family he was born into cares that much about him that they would go back and forth on his true name for so long. :) (I love you guys!)

Here is the official birth announcement they sent out:

Then Baby Kyler :)

Wendy & "Baby"