Monday, September 28, 2009

School Photos September 2009

Our boys: Riis will be 5 in November and Beck is 2 1/2. Here are their school photos from their Danish børnehaven. Beck's are really funny. Those are the typical 2 year old faces that he makes daily. He refused to smile for them. :)

Grøn Stuen - Stennehøj Alle

Monday, September 21, 2009

Start of fall - Riis and Beck

Here are some silly pictures of Riis and Beck. I was just thinking about what to do for Beck for Halloween and decided to try and make a dalmatian costume...It needs a little help, but it will do the job IF he agrees to wear it. :)

Beck didn't want to wear the costume. He said "EWEY doggy!" Not a good sign.

Scary dog!

I took the kids into Århus on Saturday to get their winter snowsuits and hats and gloves. Riis picked out this striped hat and wanted to wear it all day even though it was beautiful outside. On Sunday, he got himself dressed and came up with the craziest outfit and of course added the hat. The best part was the fact that his ears were sticking out on purpose! Fashion statement?

Riis, the elf boy

Daring boys! Riis was jumping OVER this hedge, which is quite high. He would stand on the cable box on the other side. I had to close my eyes.
Modeling the new hat

The new hats