Saturday, August 29, 2009

Denmark - Neill and Amy's visit

My brother Neill and his wife Amy came to visit at the end of August. We were so happy to have them! We got some good time in Denmark and then took a European road trip to Amsterdam and France. So fun!

Hangin' in Århus

Scott's visit - Poker & Egeskov Slot

Our friend Scott came to visit us and do some freelance work for Vestas in August. Here are some photos from our poker night while he was here and our visit to Egeskov Slot (castle on Fyn, the island next to Jutland). There are some really creepy dead animals hanging on the walls of this castle, but the outside is like a fairy tale.

August Poker Night - J Bar was the big winner

Egeskov Slot - Fyn, Denmark

There's a motorcycle and car museum at the castle

Scott at Egeskov

Lindsey, the silly squirrel

Their very own tree house - a tight squeeze

Creepy wall hangings

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Skanderborg Festival - Smukfest '09

We went to Skanderborg Festival on August 6th with Vestas. It's considered Denmark's Most Beautiful Festival. It's in the forest around the lake in Skanderborg. We took the train from Århus at 9:45am and the alcohol started flowing at 9:50am! To say the least, it was a fun day. Vestas had VIP passes and we had 2 hours of brunch with open bar when we arrived and then the same from 10pm-midnight.

AND to make the day even better - our friends, Katrine and Jacob, offered to watch our kids. They picked them up from their kindergarten and they SLEPT OVER! Whoa! How lucky are we? I didn't get out of bed until 8:45am because Katrine, aka Supermom, offered to take our kids to school and pack their food. (I owe her BIG!) And to top it all off, the kids were well behaved and slept all night. What a day!!

Vestas turbine at the festival

I made Dag stand in front of this pig sandwich sign - not a great photo, but the sign was hilarious to the vegetarians!


My favorite sign at the festival