Friday, July 31, 2009

Our favorite town in Denmark

We came across this town last weekend. It's our new favorite Danish town, of course! When Riis saw the city sign, he said "Hey! That's my name!" We made him jump out and take a picture. A few nettles in the leg later, and we were off to the Givskud Zoo.

Legoland - July 31, 2009

I took the boys to Legoland today and Riis FINALLY got his face painted. He's been wanting to do it, but he always asks on our way out of the park. We made it a priority early in the day. And the poor kid ended up feeling lousy by 1pm! We left at 2pm when he was basically, lethargic in the stroller saying he just wanted to sleep. Poor thing! Beck was not happy to be leaving, but we had a good run and we're season pass holders so we can go back whenever we want.

Today I went all out - we got donuts! I usually get the kids ice creams, but today I really wanted donuts for some reason. It's a rare occurrence, so I went for it. It was a nice pay off. They were delicious, and the boys were quite happy, even though they still wanted ice cream. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Givskud Zoo

We went to the Givskud Zoo on Sunday with Peter, Gretha, Oscar and Magnus. What a cool zoo! You can drive your car around the zoo just like your on your own little safari! And I can say that I think it will be the first and hopefully the LAST time I say that we almost hit a DENMARK! DAG! He was looking at some animals to the right and in came a zebra from the left. I screamed "DAG!" and he slammed on the brakes. Close call...imagine having to explain that one to Hertz! " said unlimited miles...and we...well, we hit a zebra!"

At the end of our trip we went to see the lions, who are in their own section with gated entry and exits to allow cars in. Riis proceeded to try to open the door. I, of course, got really scared and said "What are you doing?" Riis answered "I just wanted to ride one!" Umm...perhaps he thinks that what he's seen on Planet Earth with the lions attacking the elephant is fake? Not quite sure. I quickly locked the door and we took off. :)
This gals were thinking "Yummy! Lunch! That little blonde boy who keeps trying to get out of that car looks delicious!"

Riis being silly. He was trying on my headband

Visits from friends - Peter, Gretha, Oscar and Magnus

Our friends Gretha and Peter and their two boys, Oscar and Magnus, came to visit us from Copenhagen this past weekend. We really had a nice weekend. We usually invade their house and sleep over, so it was nice to have them here. The boys got along famously and the weekend was relaxing and so much fun! Thanks to Peter and Gretha for bringing along their amazing camera. We got some really outrageous photos! (You can easily see below which ones we took with out little Canon Elph)

We went to our favorite beach, Fløjstrup Strand, on Saturday morning and two nice men who were horseback riding along the beach offered to let the boys have a go on the horses. What a way to start the morning! Then, the boys played in the sand while the Peter, Gretha and I ran back and forth to the car, attempting to avoid the threatening rain showers. Dag stayed with the boys and laughed at us. The rain pretty much held off and we had a really nice day with happy kids.

Later that day, we made our way to Moesgård Strand through the woods to the Moesgård Vikign Moot. There is a mock Viking battle and they ride their Icelandic horses around and demonstrate the five-gaits of walk. ( - The
Icelandic is a five-gaited breed known for its sure-footedness and ability to cross rough terrain. In addition to the typical gaits of walk, trot andcanter, it performs an ambling gait known as the tölt. This gait is known for its explosive acceleramfortable and ground-covering.[3] The tölt is a four-beat lateral ambling gait.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July in Århus

We've had a really nice July. We've done a lot of crabbing. The boys have been loving the sea, so we've been there a lot. And as you can see below, we have a lot of silly moments together too.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Under the influence