Friday, April 24, 2009

Our boys!!

We are so in love!!!

Josh and Kathy's visit, April 2009

Josh, Kathy and Aria came to visit us and we had so much fun!  We got to take them to the places we like to go around Århus and then we all went to Ribe together.  It's the oldest town in Denmark.  Along the way, we stopped in Esbjerg to see the giant sculpture "Man meets the sea".  It was just bleak and dreary out as you can see by the photos of the kids swimming in the ocean (in April!) hehe.  The sculpture was, to say the least, cool.  We especially liked the guy that had only 4 toes!


Beck's 2nd birthday - April 11, 2009

We celebrated Beck's birthday with our friends Claire and Johan at their lovely home outside of Århus since it was also their son Oliver's 2nd birthday on April 11!  We had a traditional Danish birthday cake, the Kagemand, which was not only fun for the kids, but delicious!!  See the video to understand the fun part - they cut of the limbs and all the kids scream and finally they cut off the head and the kids go wild.  Our kids were too young to understand.  We found it quite funny that there is basically no crime in Denmark - now we understand that the Danes just take out their anger on their pastries!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs with Blake and Paige

We decorated Easter eggs with our friends Erin, Paige, Blake and baby Jude.  It was so fun for the kids.  Thanks to Erin for supplying all the goods.  I owe you big time!