Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our friend John

We had a request for a new picture of John, so here you go! We love you John!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

January in Massachusetts

All of the pictures from our time in Massachusetts are posted on Shutterfly (there are lots):

We got to spend two weeks in Massachusetts in January with my family. The kids were so happy and I was overdue! We spent most of our time on the Cape with my sister and her family but we did get to go to Worcester for a couple of nights and out to the Amherst area to celebrate my brother's 30th birthday....and of course to go to Bueno!

Heather (my sister) and Gavin (my newphew)

Camron and Beck were like BEST buds

Auntie Amy and Riis wrestling

Morning huggins

the 3 Muskateers

my beautiful mother :)

Papa and the boys

everyone was making a sign for Uncle Neill's birthday

Riis and Annika (the model)

hanging at the Cape

Uncle Neill!

Anni and Beck

Nanny and Gavin

Amy had a surprise party for Neill's 30th...he was not so surprised. In his words "Amy, I'm a tracker!"

Party at the Bookmill

Gavin had to go to the hospital right before we left. Poor little guy! He's okay now, thankfully!

Very SAD goodbyes!