Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas '08 & New Years '09

All of the pics from our time in Portland are posted on Shutterfly (there are lots):

We haven't written in while and have been quite busy. We had a really nice Christmas. We went to Portland on December 18th and watched it snow for days from our apartment in the Pearl. (we did a home exchange with another Vestas employee) We then headed to Black Butte Ranch for Christmas with the Hinrichs/Skov clans where there was even more snow. The kids loved every minute! We got to take a sleigh ride and sang Christmas carols, the boys played outside in the snow for hours and we all got to go sledding. The house we rented was fantastic with the exception of the ants in our bathtub and the lame kitchenware, but we were happy.

We also got to go see Niels and Diane in Olympia and had a lovely visit. We've missed them and it was so nice to see them again.

Riis was so happy that he got to see his best friend from school in Portland, Evan. They just love each other and get along so well, as you can see by the slushy picture (Brokeback)

For New Year's Eve, we went to Hood River, Oregon with our best friends John & Wendy and their son Caden. It was so nice to have some extended time with them since we miss them so dearly!! (Yes, Wendy, I still cry daily when I pick up the phone to call you and talk for exactly 19 minutes and I realize that you are still asleep - WAAA!)