Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Riis learns to ride his bike! Off with the training wheels!

Riis learned how to ride his bike today. Dag took the training wheels off and took Riis out last week, but he gave up after falling 5 seconds into it. So today they tried again and he learned after 10 minutes! Check out these videos and listen to Riis. He's funny.

I think this is lesson number one on the road to getting Riis out there mountain biking! Dag will be encouraging that one soon enough!
video video

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our holiday in France July 2008

Day three: We headed to Chamonix after leaving Annecy. Dag and Riis went up on the gondola called Aiguille du Midi. This gondola soars to the tip of a rock needle 12,600 feet above sea level. The air is thin and the people are giddy. As you can imagine, Beck couldn't go up since the gondola isn't a pressurized cabin and it's not good for his ears. I took Beck up the Montenvers train which climbs from the valley floor to the impressive Mer de Glace glacier.

Day one and two: we left Denmark on Sunday 13 July, 2008 and headed south to France. Our first stop was Annecy (in the French Alps) on Bastille Day, 14 July. We stayed at Hotel du Chateau that overlooks the town. We spent time walking around the city and listening to music and enjoying the scenery. The next day we went to the Farmer's Market in the city and then down to the lake. We really enjoyed strolling the cobblestones streets along the canal and the distant peaks of the Alps on the lake which paint an exquisite picture.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Riis and Beck updates July 2008

Riis started school last week and is doing very well despite the fact that he doesn't understand any of the kids because they only speak Danish. He is doing a lot of listening and observing, which is very good for him. And every time Lindsey picks him up she watches him for a little while before he knows she's there and he always has these great big eyes and is just looking around listening and smiling! It's very sweet to see how calm and patient he is there. And today Lindsey had at least 4 little girls come up to her and say something in Danish and then say "Riis". Also, tonight he was walking around repeating the Danish words he learned today - mainly "Nej!" which means "No." Over and over and over....

Riis had a fake party yesterday and had a whole bunch of friends over for a party. He'd answer he door and welcome them in one by one. Then they danced and jumped to Captain Bogg and Salty. He told me "You have to come see my party! I have 20 friends over and it's wonderful!!" He is missing the people at home!

And today Beck said for the first time "Hi! Hi!" which means good-bye in Danish. And he's started humming the clean up song as he walks around putting toys away. He's doing a lot of sign language and now is repeating a lot of words. He started repeating "No" yesterday and "Ouch" which are by far his favorites. He just cannot get enough of the reaction Lindsey gives when he pulls her hair and she says "OUCH!" He laughs and does it again and again! Hurting mommy is so funny! I should do this all the time!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

July in Aarhus

The weather has been beautiful here in Aarhus so we've been outside enjoying every moment. The boys love being hosed down as you can see and going to the beach has been a lot of fun.

Fun with fruit?

Riis was so happy to get mail from his friend Evan. Michelle made him a "last day" crown and sent it in the mail since we forgot to take it with us. Riis was quite pleased.

Our trip to Skagen: the top of Denmark

We went up to Skagen at the top of Denmark on May 31, 2008. We started on a beach near town, not quite at the top. The month of May was the warmest on Danish record!

After some lounging, Riis and Lindsey hunted for starfish - Riis loved them. Then Riis decided to throw them back into the ocean because if he took them home, they would die. So he yelled "Free" and threw them into the water.

Then we made the short drive to the very top, which included a tractor trip across the dunes. We got to stand in the water in the exact point where the ocean meets the sea.

When we got there we got some very funny video of a guy running around in his Speedo and of a Norwegian marching band that was playing in the water. Here is the shortened version:
After leaving the beach Riis took the opportunity to show Danes what 3 year old streaking is all about while Beck just watched with amusement! (That child will pee anywhere!) You ABSOLUTELY MUST click on this one to enlarge!

After all of the dancing on the way home these two crashed.